Powerful Money Affirmations with @ Jupiter & Earth Tones : 8D Audio

Build a Positive Attitude about Money

When it is about money and wealth our mindset is the most important thing. Even if you work very very hard but keep a very negative mindset about money then it many not give good returns. At the same time if you change the mindset and fill with full of positivity then you can earn more money with less efforts. Most people have been conditioned negatively about money during their childhood. That negative subconscious mind impressions holding them back from achieving anything big in their life. It is like a self made prison. So if you are serious about achieving something big then you need to break that prison and come out from that.

Raise Positive Vibrations with Music & Affirmations

There are many methods to improve positive vibrations and overcome or rewrite negative impressions in the subconscious. In this video two such methods used – music and affirmations. There are many frequencies related to money and wealth. Also affirmations can do wonders if you use it properly with a consistency and dedication. It will not work in 1-2 days. You need to use for few weeks to months depends on how hard your current negative impressions in the subconscious.

Jupiter’s 183.58Hz & Earth’s 7.83Hz

Jupiter has been associated with money and wealth from very ancient period in Indian and other old civilizations across the world. Here Jupiter spinning frequency 183.58Hz are used to raise positive money vibrations. When we are aligned with the energy and vibrations of the Jupiter it can bring or manifest good positive things in life. Another frequency used is Earth’s 7.83Hz – also known as Schumann Resonance. Earth is connected to root chakra which is responsible for all physical well being. So when root chakra is open and balanced you will be showered with all physical needs. So the 2 tones helps to improve your positive energy and can improve overall financial status if listen it daily.

Positive Money Affirmations

Affirmations are a fantastic method to rewrite or reprogram subconscious mind. Normally conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper so we cannot access subconscious directly. Conscious mind will check and reject data which it found illogical. So in middle of a financial crisis if you say that ‘I am rich’ it will not reach the subconscious. But if you keep on repeating this 100 or 1000 times then sometimes it will bypass conscious and reach subconscious. When many times such things reach subconscious it will slowly erase the current negative impression and replace it with this new data. That is why affirmation is very important and useful. Not only about money it can do wonders in any field. You can change your behavior, attitude, perceptions, addictions, habits etc using affirmations.

8D Audio Money Affirmations

Audio in this is recorded in 8D format. Compared to normal mono and stereo recordings this will give a real 3D sound effect. You need to use a headphone/earphone to get full effect. Voice will be moving from left to right ears and opposite in a predefined manner. This will work better compared to normal stereo recorded affirmations.

When and How to Listen to this Affirmations and Music ?

There is no restrictions. You can listen to this at anytime – butter better to avoid while driving a car or operating some machinery etc because it can take brain to a very relaxed and meditative state. You can listen to this while using your computer, using mobile phone or any light works or traveling in a bus, train, flight etc. Always remember best times to listen are before sleep and just after waking up. These 2 times brain will be at theta brainwave state. Subconscious mind will be more accessible during these 2 times. Not only this any affirmations will work best at these 2 times. Consistency is the key. Listen to this at least once per day without fail. Normally it will start working in 3 weeks. Universe will guide you with new opportunities and ideas for making more money. God Bless.

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