Heal, Detox & Regenerate Body Naturally with Sound : Rife Frequency Healing

Heal, Detox & Regenerate Body

Our body has all mechanisms to heal, detox and regenerate itself if we provide enough time and atmosphere. In today’s busy modern life we don’t give enough time for that as we are too much involved in the worldly matters which creates too much mental struggle. Body can concentrate on healing and regeneration activities only when mind is calm, body is relaxed.

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System

We have two sections in our central nervous system. sympathetic and parasympathetic. first one will be activated when we are in the middle of a danger situation or stressed or tensed or anxious etc. Parasympathetic will be activated when we are fully relaxed. Healing will happen only in this condition. Sympathetic nervous system is designed to save us when there is a threat to our life. It is called fight of flight mode. For eg when we are in front of a barking dog this will be activated. More blood required at this stage so heart pumping will increase, more glucose in blood, unimportant functions will stop like saliva creation, digestion etc. This threat will go away in few minutes and body will be back to normal.

Body Cannot differentiate an external threat and mental struggle

Problem is body responds in the same way for a mental struggle too. It cannot differentiate between an external threat and an inside mental fear or anxiety or worry created with just mere thought. In modern life we live in a very stressful atmosphere almost every day. So body will be in sympathetic mode most of the time we awake. This continuous increased glucose state leads to diabetics, increased heart pumping create cardiac problems etc.

Healing & Regeneration with Frequencies

When you listen to healing and regeneration frequencies it will help brain to move to a very relaxed state and this in turn move nervous system to parasympathetic mode. This video contains many such frequencies from Dr Royal Rife’s list or CAFL. Listen to at least once per day and this will greatly enhance your overall health. You can listen to this even if you don’t have any health issues. But please note that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any major symptoms please consult a doctor first.

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