Positive Transformation with 35 Frequencies + Nogier 1.14Hz

Subconscious Mind Impressions

Our habits, addictions, nature, behavior, thinking pattern, attitude, perception etc decided by our subconscious mind patterns. Unfortunately most of these patterns were written during the childhood period and after that not much rewriting will happen. It is difficult to rewrite after that too. That is why we respond to many things so childishly. We feel it in others too. Another sad thing is our closed ones – parents, relatives, friends, teacher etc talk more negative things than positive ones most of the times. They talk about many do’s and don’ts. They did for our good thing but our subconscious mind picked up all that and created many restrictions based on that. So literally most of us are living in a self made prison. That is holding us back from achieving big things in life.

Subconscious Mind Reprogramming

So only way to come out from this self made prison is to reprogram the subconscious mind. It is not an easy task but definitely possible. Conscious mind make logical conclusions and when you say something it will check and reject it if it found illogical. So reaching up to subconscious mind is difficult. So you need to repeat the something again and again everyday for few weeks or months to make a new impression or rewrite the current one in the subconscious. Here comes the importance of listening to affirmations. There are many affirmations videos in our channel. Please check it.

Positive Transformation with Sound Waves

In this video another technique is used to transform – using sound waves. There are many frequencies which can make positive impressions in subconscious and unconscious minds. This video uses such 35 frequencies which will help to think and behave in a positive way. You can club some affirmations also while listening to this video which will accelerate the process.

1.14Hz : Nogier Frequency & Delta Brainwave

Above mentioned tones are again modulated to delta brainwave 1.14Hz – this is again Nogier Frequency too. You will get multiple benefits with this tone. It is deeply healing and meditative too. When your brain is tuned to a delta brainwave you will feel very relaxed and healing will get accelerated at this level. Normally brain moves to a delta state only when we are sleeping. So immune system will work at it’s peak level and it will help to heal and regenerate the body fast.

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