Unique & Rare Candida Mix : 69 Tones 4 Layer Simultaneous Mix : Candidiasis

Candidiasis or Candida Infection

Candidiasis is a common fungus infection caused by a type of fungus or yeast called Candida. In humans normally Candida albicans cause infection. Candida normally lives in the skin and inside body and can cause many related health issues. In low amount it won’t create much problems but when there is an overgrowth it can lead to many issues.

Major symptoms of Candidiasis are tiredness, fatigue, recurring urinary tract infections, digestive problems, sinus infections, skin and nail infections etc

Healing Candida Infection with Frequencies

This video contains 69 Dr Royal Rife frequencies for Candidiasis. It can give good relief from symptoms. But if your infection is very severe then consult a doctor first. This can be used in addition. This is not a replacement for any primary treatment. Listen to it for at least once per day for few weeks and continue if you see any good improvement. Meantime if you feel any discomfort then stop listening to it. Drink enough water while listening to avoid dehydration.

Rare & Unique 4 Layer Simultaneous Mix

This is a very rare and unique mix. You can find many candida cure videos in YouTube and other such sites but all those play frequencies in sequential order or one at a time. But here 4 tones are played simultaneously and these tones keep on changing in regular intervals. Advantage with this method is you can save lots of time as you will be exposed to 4 tones at a time or will give 4 times more effects compared to other videos. We cannot mix nearby frequencies as they get distorted. So they are selected carefully with a computer algorithm to select only far away tones so that it won’t get distorted.

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