3 Hours Deep Relaxing Sleep Music with Rife Cure All Tones 20Hz & 10000Hz

Rife Cure All Tones 20Hz & 10000Hz

Even though there are 1000s of tones in Rife frequency list some are very important and believed to be useful for 100s of diseases and they are called Cure All tones. In this video two such tones are included 20Hz and 10000Hz or 10KHz. These two are very useful and can be used for multiple health issues. These are very detoxifying and regenerating too. So you can use it as a preventive measure and to rejuvenate the body even if you don’t have any specific health issues.

Sleep Music with Healing Tones : Heal While You Sleep

Deep relaxing sleep music also included in this video along with the above mentioned Dr Royal Rife healing tones. So it serves two purposes – help to get in to sleep very fast and while sleeping it will help to heal, regenerate and detox the body. Even when we sleep our immune system or healing system and such important functions are active. Normally body accelerate such functions when body is idle especially during sleep. So with these tones it get accelerated further and you will get a quick healing.

Important notes about listening to frequencies during sleep

Normally we listen to frequency videos or audios for short period of time but during sleep it get extended to a long period of time. So you need to careful about these things.

  • Drink more water otherwise higher chances of dehydration as more processes happening in the body.
  • Better to listen with good quality speakers. Most of the tones in my channels are isochronic tones. So headphones are not compulsory.
  • If you are listening through speakers then don’t keep it too close.
  • Better to set some sleep alarm for 1-3 hours. It is not recommended to listen whole 6-8 hours to frequencies.
  • If you are listening through headphones keep volume at very low or comfortable levels.

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