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Angel numbers

Angelic numbers like 111, 222, 333 etc have special meaning in numerology. If you are seeing these numbers repeatedly that means universe is trying to tell you something. These are the meaning of angelic numbers as per some numerologist.

  • 111 : new things are coming to your life
  • 222 : you need some balance in life
  • 333 : means focus on mind, body and spirit
  • 444 : you are surrounded by angels
  • 555 : huge changes are ahead
  • 666 : focus on your thoughts
  • 777 : sign of good luck
  • 888 : infinite abundance
  • 999 : release things no longer serves you

Infinite Abundance : 8Hz 88Hz & 888Hz

888Hz is associated with abundance and manifestation. So this can be used for law of attraction and attracting money and wealth. In this video 3 such tones are used – 8Hz, 88Hz & 888Hz. These 3 are mixed in a very special way to get effects of all the 3 tones simultaneously so that it will work better compared to in the sequential mode.

Attracting money and wealth with frequencies

There are many frequencies associated with money and wealth like cosmic tone 432Hz, Solfeggio 639Hz and 963Hz, Jupiter spinning frequencies, root chakra tones etc. You can find videos for each one of these tones in our YouTube Channel. Select one of these frequency and stick to that tone, listen it daily at least 1-2 times for few weeks.

Be Positive about Money and Wealth

Be positive about money and wealth even if you are in i a financial problem. Just listening to 15 minutes daily and rest of the day if you think negatively about money then it will not work. As per experts 65000 thoughts come to our mind every day and remember each thought is like a prayer to universe. Universe will manifest only whatever we wish or ask. Infinite intelligence will not check whether it is good or bad for you. So the whole day if you think or worry about financial issues you will fall more and more in the problem. Instead think more and more positive about money. Universe will shower you with more money and wealth. Even though it is difficult that is the only way to become more rich and abundant. Universe it always very loving and caring but you have to change your mindset to get whatever you want.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind with Affirmations

Problem with most of us is during our childhood we have been programmed negatively about money and wealth. That subconscious mind impressions are driving us throughout the day. Subconscious mind is million times more powerful than conscious mind. So even if your conscious mind decided to think positive about money it may not work because the negative impressions in the subconscious overpower everything. So if you really need to change the mindset then you need to rewrite it at the subconscious level. That is not very easy but definitely possible . Consistency is very important for this. Listen to some positive money affirmation daily or write it in a notebook daily to reprogram the subconscious mind. In this blog itself you can find many money affirmations text and video. All the Best.

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