Release Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Regret with Sleep Music : Remove Negative Emotions & Inner Conflict

Healing with Music

Music has immense healing powers if you use it properly. Our body and mind are basically energy and vibrations. So every frequency or vibrations can create many physical and mental changes. If we use it in a positive way it can become very constructive. Even out ancestors understood this technique and used many devices to create sound for healing and overall well being like temple bell, meditation bell and other such sound making devices etc. In India even from ancient period people ring the bell while entering and exiting the temple and that sound create calmness and positive feeling in their mind. Similarly chanting mantras can also helps to calm the bind and cleanse the body.

Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Guilt, Regret

Stress is the main problem for most of our health issues in the modern world. Medical science advanced greatly in the last few decades and we have vaccines or good treatment for most of the threat from outside like virus, bacteria etc but threat from inside is the greatest issue now – lifestyle diseases – due to our poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and poor mental heath and negative issues like stress, anxiety, fear, guilt etc. Communication technologies have improved dramatically and with internet, television and social media now we get news from all over the world instantly. So now your brain is bombarded with too much data which it cannot handle and most of them are negative too. These things create so much negativity in everybody. When too much negative emotions that will lead to many health issues. Problem is body cannot differentiate an external threat and internal fear or anxiety created by pure imagination. Both the cases body prepare for a fight or flight mode and this will eventually slow down healing, digestion etc.

Healing Negative Emotions with Music

This beautiful music include necessary tones and affirmations to heal the body and protect the mind from negative emotions like anxiety, stress, fear, guilt, regret etc. Listen to it regularly and it will slowly change the way you think and respond to a negative situation. We cannot change most of the outside situations. Negativity will be there always. We have to prepare our self to react to positively to such situations. We cannot get perfection in the level of mind and body. We cannot change the world too. Only we have to accept these facts and move on positively.

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