Lungs Frequency 220Hz : Enhance Lungs & Respiratory System Performance

Lungs & Respiratory System : Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide

Lungs are an important organ in our body and is the center of the respiratory system which helps to get oxygen to cells and get rid of carbon dioxide from the system. Cells need oxygen to stay alive and healthy and carbon dioxide will be created during the chemical processes happening in every cell all the time. Keeping lungs healthy is very important because we cannot live without oxygen even for few minutes. Since it has direct contact with outside world chances are high that bacteria, virus etc can easily get in to lungs.

Lungs Frequency 220Hz

220Hz is believed to be the frequency of the Lungs. Listening to this tone is believed to improve overall lungs performance and helps to detoxify and regenerate lungs cells. This video can be used to improve overall lungs health even if you don’t have any health issues as a preventive measure. But please note that this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have any serious health issues please consult a doctor first.

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