Very Powerful Morgellons Disease Rife Frequency Healing : Simultaneous Mix : Sound Therapy

Rife Morgellons disease frequencies

This is a very powerful mix of all Rife Morgellons disease frequencies. Tones in this video are mixed in a simultaneous way so that effectiveness will increase multi fold as it will save time. When you listen it for 10 minutes it will be like listening other normal Morgellons frequency healing videos for 1 hour or so because many frequencies are played simultaneously in this. Normally when we mix many tones simultaneously nearby tones gets distorted and will not get the desired effectiveness. So we carefully selected tones in each wave so that no nearby tones are played in a single wave. Tones get rotated in each wave so there won’t be any distortion.

Frequency Healing Do’s and Don’ts

Listen to this for few weeks at least once per day and see any improvement in your overall condition. In between if you feel any discomfort then stop listening to it. Also remember to drink lots of water otherwise you may get dehydrated. This advice is not only to this video but for all frequency healing videos. Also this can be used with your primary treatment but this is not a replacement for any mainstream therapy.

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