Powerful Subliminal Money Affirmations with Earth and Jupiter Frequencies : Manifest Money

Subliminal means below the threshold of our senses. As explained in previous posts we have conscious and subconscious mind. In a perfectly wakeful state subconscious gets only filtered messages from our senses. Conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper and filter all unwanted messages or illogical it feels. So we cannot change our subconscious pattern directly. but subliminal audio and video messages can bypass conscious mind and reach subconscious level since it is barely audible or visible to the senses. Conscious mind will not give much attention to it. This is one of the proven method to reprogram the subconscious.

This video contains some powerful audio affirmations tuned to high frequencies. Even though theoretically audio spectrum ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz our ears differs a lot and it varies from person to person. Most of the people cannot hear anything above 15KHz especially adults. So These audio messages are modulated to 16,500Hz which comes near to the upper end of our audio spectrum.

Listen to this audio at least once per day for few weeks and you will start feeling some changes in your life and overall financial status. Also two important frequencies are included in this audio – Jupiter 183.58Hz and Earth’s Schumman Resonance 7.83Hz. Both Planet Jupiter and Mother Earth are associated with money and wealth.

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