Rife Cure All Ear Problems : Ear Pain, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Hearing Loss : Frequency Healing Video

Ear problems are a very common issue affecting most people once in a while. Outer, middle and inner ear problems affect millions worldwide irrespective of age. This video contains all Rife tunes related to various ear problems like tinnitus, ear ache, ear infection, vertigo, hearing loss, ear discharge etc.

This can be used in addition to your primary treatment to speed up the recovery or can be used if you are fed up with other treatment methods. But please don’t think this as a replacement for any other therapy. If you have any serious symptoms consult a doctor first.

Normally most of the frequencies especially treble range are very harsh to ears. So here i mixed it with in such a way that it will not irritate ears. But still you may feel that some tones are harsh. If I make it too pleasant then efficiency will be reduced drastically. So it is a compromise between efficiency and smoothness. So if you feel harsh listen with low or comfortable volume.

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