Parasites and Candida Cure with Rife Frequencies @ Epsilon Brain Waves : Heal with sound

There are many parasites and candida cure videos with Rife frequencies in our channel but this one combines both of them. Both Candida and Parasite cleanse tones are mixed at extremely low frequencies called Epsilon brain waves – which is very very relaxing and body’s regenerative and healing functions will be at peak at this frequency range. This comes below the delta range. In our modern life brain will be functioning at higher frequencies like beta and gamma most of the day. Brain is the most energy draining organ in our body. So when it is fully active most of our energy will be consumed by the brain and rest of the body will not get much energy for healing and such things.

Also our body can fully concentrate on one thing at a time. So when we live too much in the mind level all other regenerative activities will be compromised. That is the importance of meditation. So at least for 15-20 minutes you should keep your mind quiet and that helps the body to concentrate on healing, digestion, saliva creation and such activities. So tuning to lower end brain waves like alpha, theta, delta and epsilon waves etc helps to boost the immune system performance.

So this video not only helps to cleanse parasites and candida but also helps to improve the overall health and immune system. But this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. So if your symptoms are severe please consult a doctor first and this can be used in addition with the primary treatment.

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