Bacterial Infection Relief with Rife Frequencies : Healing with Sound Waves

Bacterial and Viral infections are the two common infections causing much of the illness in humans. In this video all Rife bacterial infections tunes are mixed in a fast mode sequentially – one at a time and changing every second. Since it is mixed in a fast method it is more effective as you will be showered with lots of frequencies in a very short period of time. In our modern life time is the precious thing. So we don’t get time to listen to frequencies for hours. So these kind of short videos will help.

We also have separate videos for different bacterial infections like Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Staph Aureus etc in our channel. Please check it out. But please remember to consult a doctor if your symptoms are severe. This is only a complementary therapy which can be used with your mainstream treatment.

Most of the bacteria are harmless and does not create any problem in human and many of them help us in digestion, fighting against some diseases etc. Only 1% of the bacteria are problematic. If you suspect a bacterial infection in your body listen to this for few days at least once per day and see any changes happening or not. Also remember to drink enough water while listening to any frequency videos otherwise you will get dehydrated.

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