Law of Attraction Booster : Manifest Anything with God’s Tone 963Hz & Om Frequency 136.1Hz

963Hz is an important frequency in the ancient solfeggio scale and it is called God’s frequency because it is believed to have capacity to connect to our source or real being. If you feel disconnected with the our real essence thins tone can help. It also awakens our system to original perfect state and help us to connect to the oneness. We all belong to the same energy or field which controls the entire cosmos – infinite consciousness or awareness.We normally think we can achieve more when we think and indulge in the outside world. But a much much bigger world reside inside and we really need to connect to it to achieve something really big. Also peace and happiness is the property of the inner world. All negativity exists only in the mind level. Unfortunately we live in that level most of the day in this modern world.

Another frequency included in this video is 136.1Hz which is called frequency of Om – which is called primary sound or sound of the universe or brahman or consciousness. Normally we believe too much in our capacities and capabilities. But a more powerful power exists which even created us. If we surrender to that power then more good things will happen because that power has unlimited potential and capabilities. When it comes to manifestation and law of attraction we need to completely leave everything to the universal power then wonders will happen.

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