Anti Aging Frequency | Nerve Regeneration : 432Hz & 136.1Hz @ 4Hz to .5Hz : 19 Long Steps

For centuries people have used different methods to regain their youth like creams, natural remedies like herbs & spices, rejuvenation therapies etc. Aging is a natural process but due to our modern stressed life with unbalanced diet accelerate the aging process. Human body is said to made to live up to 125 years. But due to our irresponsible and careless handling it gets many problem much much before. So if we take special care we can improve it a lot.

Here is a frequency method to decelerate aging process and improve cell regeneration. It takes brain to delta brainwave range which is from 4Hz to 0.5Hz. At this range brain will be in a deeply relaxed and meditative state which will accelerate healing and regenerative processes in the body. Problem in our modern life is we live in the level of mind most of the day. Overthinking and stressful mind put sudden brakes to all regenerative and healing processes. So to accelerate such things mind need to be completely quiet.

Careers used in video are 432Hz – which is called miracle love frequency or cosmic tone or frequency of the universe. It believed to have many health benefits and the second one is 136.1Hz which is called frequency of om – the primary sound of the universe. Both these tones are also very beneficial. It also contains 19 different delta frequencies or modulated to 19 delta tones that will deepen then relaxation and meditative state.

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