Subliminal Money Visualization with Jupiter Frequency, Solfeggio, 432 & Root Chakra 8Hz

This video is a beautiful law of attraction and subliminal money visualization tool which comprised of visual fast changing images to program your subconscious mind for wealth and abundance. This also contains a bunch of very effective money related frequencies like Jupiter spinning tone 183.58Hz, ancient solfeggio 639Hz which is again a tone for manifestation, cosmic vibrating frequency 432Hz which has many healing benefits too and root chakra 8hz. Root chakra also associated with physical well being, wealth and abundance. You will not find any other video with these much money related tones and subliminal visualization.

Senses are our inputs to brain and in that too seeing and hearing are more important. Our thinking, state of mind, imagination, beliefs, perception and attitude etc are decided by the inputs we receive from these senses. So feeding positive things through these senses are very important if you are serious about improving your life and mindset.

Listen to this videos as much as you can every day for few weeks. Also rest of the time try not to think about anything negative about money and wealth. Each though is energy and any negative thoughts in mind may neutralize the positive vibrations created by this video or any such affirmation or visualization videos. Many people fails in law of attraction techniques mainly due to this. Just watching such videos for 10-15 minutes and rest of the day if fill mind with so many negative thoughts then it will not work. 65000 thoughts come to our mind every day. So try to be positive or neural rest of the day about financial things. No point in worrying about money if your have any financial issues. That will only deepen the problem. Be optimistic.

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