Deep Healing + High States of Meditation with Rife Cure All + Epsilon Brain Waves | Spiritual Insight

In this video Rife Cure All tones are modulated with extremely low – below delta – Epsilon Brain waves. As most of you aware each Rife Cure All tone can cure 100s of diseases. Since it is modulated to Epsilon waves it provides a high states of meditation too as at these below 0.5Hz tones brain sync to a very relaxed and meditative state. In this state immune system and all regenerative and healing functions in the body will work at their best levels. So this can be used to heal any particular illness or can be used as a preventive measure even if you don’t have any health issues.

Most of the healing in our body happens only when our brain is relaxed – when it is in theta, delta or below ranges like epsilon. When brain is fully active majority of our energy goes to our thought process and other brain functions. Studies says brain consumes 10 times more energy compared to the rest of the body per gram of tissue. As per experts human brain consumes about 10W to 12W power when it is fully operational. So when our brain is fully active body has to limit other functions to keep uninterested energy to brain. So body will reduce or stop functions like healing, digestion, saliva creation etc which can be stopped or reduced for some time without much issues. So body will get time for such functions only when we sleep. In modern life our sleeping hours also drastically reduced. All these affects our health and healing in long run and that is the reason more people are getting sick very often. So give body time to heal. Everything will be perfect.

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