Very Effective Rife + Nogier + Solfeggio Frequencies Mix : 20Hz, 727Hz, 5000Hz, 10000Hz, 73Hz, 146Hz & 528Hz

There are many different sets of healing and regenerative frequencies discovered by different people. Even though purpose and effectiveness are same its acceptance varies depends on community, region etc. This video is a mix of 3 popular frequency sets : Rife, Nogier and Solfeggio. All these 3 are very popular among frequency lovers and you can see 1000s of videos containing tones from these sets. In this video Rife Cure All 20Hz, 727Hz, 5000Hz and 10000Hz frequencies are used along with Nogier 73Hz and 146Hz & Solfeggio DNA repair tone 528Hz.

The above mentioned tones are played simultaneously so the effectiveness of it is much much higher compared to the normal sequential play. All the 7 frequencies are showered on you at the same time so when you listen to it for 10 minutes it is almost equal to playing other normal frequency healing videos found on YouTube 70 minutes! So it works fast and time saving.

This can be used to get relief from many diseases as well as can be used as a preventive measures. Please check the Rife CAFL for the complete disease list as I cannot list all those 100s of illness here. But this is not a final remedy for any disease. If any serious symptoms first consult a doctor. Frequency healing can provide natural healing but don’t depend fully on this.

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