Law of Attraction Technique : Quick Money with Jupiter & Earth Tones : Abundance Visualization

Visualization is a very important step in law of attraction. Just dreaming will not help. You need to dream, believe and visualize what you want to achieve in life. Then only it will work. If you wish, dream and expect lots of money and wealth but your core concept about money is negative then it will not work. So you need to change the negative subconscious imprints about money. Affirmations are good to change it. In this channel there are many subconscious programming and money affirmations videos available.

Apart from all these techniques there are some unknown forces which brings luck and prosperity which are beyond human control. From ancient periods people believed that Jupiter has a special connection with wealth and prosperity. In India many temples dedicated to Jupiter or Guru and people worship there for prosperity. Earth also has connection with physical well being because it has connection to root chakra which governs physical things.

In this video we mixed both Jupiter (183.58Hz & 473.9Hz) and Earth (7.83Hz) Frequencies. Also currency notes jumping visualization too included in this video which provides a more effecting visual law of attraction. Listen to this video at least once per day for minimum 3 weeks and see any changes happening in your financial status.

Also try to be positive about money because as mentioned about if your overall mindset about money is negative then it will not work. Even if you are in a financial crisis expect good things are going to happen. Good and bad times are part of life. Whatever you expect and dream will happen. Problem is we dream good things for few minutes and rest if the time think negative things. 65000 thoughts comes to our mind daily. So if majority of them are negative things then that only will manifest. So knowingly of unknowingly you are 100% responsible for your life. So be positive. God Bless.

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