Pesticide Detox with Rife Frequencies : 73Hz, 26Hz, 6Hz & 1Hz : Remove Harmful Pesticides from Body

In today’s life everything is contaminated with harmful pesticides and other toxic materials. Through food, water and air lots of such things are entering our body daily. We cannot completely escape from it because it is part of our modern life. So only thing we can do is to help our body to detox and remove these dangerous substances. Our boy has inbuilt mechanisms to tackle such things. It will become problematic only when it crosses some limits. So if we do something regularly to cleanse and detox it will be fine.

There are many methods to detox and cleanse pesticides and other harmful things from our body. First thing we have to do is to relax and allow our healing system work at its optimum level. In our modern life most dangerous problem is we are living in a stressful atmosphere throughout the day. Problem is body cannot differentiate between an external threat and an imaginary threat like situation. So when we are in stress brain feel like we are in danger and prepare body for a fight or flight. This will raise blood sugar level, heart pumping etc and stops non-urgent things like healing, saliva creation, digestion etc. Problem is in our modern life we are almost full day in the stressful mode and so body is always prepared to tackle a dangerous situation. When this continue for a long time it will create man health issues like cardiac issues, diabetes, cancer etc. So relaxing is an important thing in life. Listen to relaxing music, do some yoga, meditation and pranayama etc.

This video contains some Rife frequencies to accelerate body’s detoxing capabilities. Listen to this 2-3 times every week which will help to detox pesticides and other harmful substances from the body. Frequencies used in this are 73Hz, 26Hz, 6Hz & 1Hz.

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