Stomach Gas Relief with Rife Tones : 50Hz, 51Hz, 52Hz, 53Hz, 56Hz, 59Hz @ Miracle 432Hz

Excessive stomach or intestinal gas is a very common problem. All of us once in a while get affected with this. Gas creation in the intestines is a normal process. It becomes problematic when there is excess creation or gas gets trapped in the intestines affecting the natural movement of food and waste materials through the intestines.

Gas in the stomach mainly caused by the air we swallow while drinking and eating. Then certain foods create more gas and also some health issues in the digestive system creates excessive gas. Sedentary lifestyle also a main reason for excessive gas trapped in the intestines. When we are not moving enough digestive movement also become slow.

There are many methods to get rid of gas. Yoga and other kind of physical exercises help to release the trapped gas in the intestines. Some herbs also helps to get rid of the stomach gas problem. This frequency healing method with Rife uses 6 Rife stomach gas relief frequencies – 50Hz, 51Hz, 52Hz, 53Hz, 56Hz & 59Hz. These tones again modulated with universal tone or miracle frequency 432Hz. These are very low frequencies so you must use a good quality speakers or headphones. Mobile phone speakers won’t reproduce these tones correctly.

This frequency healing method is not a replacement for any main treatment. So if your issue is not going in 1-2 days you must consult a doctor. This can be used in addition to your primary treatment method.

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