Rife Cure All 20Hz & 727Hz Frequency Healing @ Theta to Delta 7Hz to .1Hz + Sea Waves Effect

Even though there are hundreds of tones in the Rife frequency healing list some are very important and believed to be useful for large number of diseases. They are called Cure All tones. Even if you don’t have any health issues it is a good idea to listen to Cure All tones once in a while as a preventive measure. It will detox and regenerate the body.

20Hz and 727Hz belongs to the cure all category and is beneficial for many diseases. 20Hz is believed to be cure for around 220 diseases including like allergy, candida, asthma, fever, cold, moles, swelling, sinusitis etc. 727Hz also a very important frequency and can be used for around 240 diseases like abscess, acne, allergy, dental infections, backache, eye disorders etc. Since in this video these two tones are combined it will give multi-fold effects and can be used regularly to maintain a healthy life.

Again this tones are modulated to theta and delta brainwave ranges for a meditative and relaxing effect. It starts from 7Hz theta and end up at 0.1Hz which is far below the normal delta brainwave range. In theta and delta ranges conscious mind will be almost in a drowsy state which will reduce thoughts and thus body will get more time for healing and such regenerative things.

Also please remember this is not a replacement for any mainstream treatment. If you have nay serious symptoms consult a doctor first. This can be used in addition to speed up the recovery.

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