Nerve Disorder Rife | Frequency Healing for Nervous System Diseases | Neuropathy

This is a fast mix of all Rife frequencies for nervous system related issues. Nerve disorder or Nervous System Diseases are a common issue affecting millions worldwide irrespective of age. The nervous system regulates and coordinates body activities and consists of two sections -Central nervous system and Peripheral nervous system. The branch of medicine that manages nervous system disorders is called neurology.

Some common diseases due to malfunction of nervous system are Alzheimer’s disease, Bell’s palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis etc. Form many nervous system issues there is no permanent cure in modern medicine is nervous system functions are very complex and it is not easy to recover with medicines. It takes time and need consistent efforts to recover and regenerate it.

If you are suffering from any nervous system disorders then listen to this regularly and see any gradual changes happening or not but don’t expect any big changes immediately as it takes time. Also please don’t consider this as an alternative to any primary treatment method. You can use it with your primary treatment to speed up the recovery.

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