Quick Money with 5 Tones : 183.58, 473.9, 528, 639 & 432 with 7.83Hz & 8Hz : .3 to .03 Sweeps

This is a long 1 hour money attracting video which can be used to attract more money, wealth and abundance. There are many money frequencies around but some of them are very popular. Jupiter spinning frequencies are believed to be good to attract money and abundance – 183.58Hz & 473.9Hz. From ancient times people worshiped Jupiter for prosperity. Ancient scale Solfeggio tones 528Hz and 639Hz also believed to have connection with wealth. 432Hz is also believed to be useful for attracting money which is also called frequency of the universe or cosmic tone.

All the above mentioned tones are modulated twice – one in binaural way with Earth’s frequency 7.83Hz or commonly known as Schumman Resonance which is again a very important tone and 8Hz which is connected with root chakra which governs physical wealth and well being. It is then again modulated with extremely low frequencies ranging from .3Hz to .03Hz in isoschronic way which comes in deep delta brainwave ranges which are very relaxing and regenerating. Healing and other such body activities will be at peak at such relaxing brain levels.

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