Relaxing Music with Pure Rife Tones : 20Hz, 95Hz, 465Hz, 727Hz, 10000Hz

This video contains machine generated music with pure rife tones. Since no other musical notes or tones are used this is extremely beneficial. Rife frequencies included are 20Hz, 95Hz, 465Hz, 727Hz, 10000Hz. These are believed to be cure for many diseases as many of these come under the Rife Cure All list too. So even if you don’t have any health issues it is good idea to listen to this on a regular basis as a preventive measure. This also helps to regenerate and detox.

Also as I mention in all my posts please don’t take this as a replacement to any main treatment. If you have any serious health issues first consult a doctor and follow his advice. This can be used in addition to that. Also you can try this if your primary treatment is not giving the result you expected.

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