Ear Healing with 1 Hour Ear Rife Frequencies + 10.7Hz & 3rd Eye 13Hz @ .3 to .05Hz Delta

Ear problem is a very common issue affecting millions of people irrespective of age and region. Human ear is mainly divided into three sections – inner, middle and outer ear. Infections can happen in any of these areas but outer ear infection is very common because that is the part constantly in touch with outside area. So bacteria and virus can easily get in from outside atmosphere.

This video is a rare mix of three sets of frequencies. This include all 62 Rife healing frequencies for ear which i have already covered in many of my other videos. But this also includes 10.7Hz which is also connected with ears or commonly called as ear frequency. Then another tone included in this is 13Hz which is the frequency of the third eye chakra which governs ear and nearby organs. So this has triple effects.

Then all these tones are modulated to extremely very low frequencies ranging from .5Hz to .03Hz which again comes below the deepest delta tones. These tones are very beneficial because it can take brain to a very relaxed and meditative state. Healing and such regenerative activities will be accelerated at this deep relaxed state.

Listen to this 2-3 times a day if you are suffering from an ear problem. But please remember that if it is not going away in 1-2 days please consult a doctor because this is not an alternative to any main treatment method. This can only be used as a side therapy to speed up the recovery.

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