1 Hour Rife Cure All 0Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz, 10000Hz @ .5Hz to .01Hz

We have been getting regular requests from our YouTube channel viewers for lengthy videos. Most of our videos are short ones of 10 minutes or below. Due to some technical constraints we have been sticking to short videos all these days. But now we are starting to upload lengthy videos too and this is the first one with length more than 1 hour.

Dr Royal Rife Cure All Tones 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz, 10000Hz

There are thousands of frequencies in the Dr Royal Rife CAFL list but some are very important. They are called Cure All tones. They get special importance because they can be used for hundreds of diseases. These are the tones – 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz & 10000Hz. Even if you don’t have any health issues it is a good idea to listen to these tones daily or 2-3 times weekly. It will improve the overall health and detoxify and regenerate the body.

0.5Hz to 0.01Hz Ultra Low Delta 13 Sweeps

Above mentioned Rife frequencies are again modulated in this video to 13 ultra low frequencies ranging from 0.5Hz to 0.01Hz which comes even below the delta brainwaves. Brain goes to delta only when we are in deep sleep. When body is completely relaxed brain enters these ultra low frequencies and body will be in a state of deep relaxation an healing and such functions will be at peak during these period.

So when we induce the same frequencies from outside body enters the same state and immune system and cell regenerative functions will be at peak. So it is extremely beneficial to go to this state. Compared to our other such videos which usually comprises of 7-8 sweeps this contains long 13 sweeps which is again more relaxing. Since it is one hour video it helps to maintain the delta state for a long time.

Listen to this video daily once or 2-3 times weekly. Remember this is very relaxing and you will become sleepy. So don’t listen to it when need to be active like while driving or while operating a machinery etc. Also please remember that this is not a replacement for any general treatment. If you have any major health issues first consult a doctor. This can be used in addition to your primary treatment.

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