1 Hour Rife Cure All 20Hz + 10000Hz with Machine Generated Music of 95Hz, 727Hz & 880Hz

In the Rife Cure All list 20Hz and 10000Hz are two important ones which belongs to the lower end and higher end of the audio spectrum. Both are believed to be the cure for many diseases as per the Rife CAFL list. 20Hz is which may not be audible to many because it is just starting point of the audio range can be used for asthma, allergy, colon problems, anal itching, candida, fever, epilepsy, parasites, tinnitus, headache, fatigue etc. 10000Hz or 10Khz can be used for backache, numbness, Streptococcus pyogenes, kidney stones and kidney tonic, viral diseases, eye disorders, cataract etc

In addition to the 20Hz and 10KHz this video also includes a machine generated music comprising of 880Hz, 727Hz and 95Hz in the pure form. All these 3 also very important Rife healing frequencies which are beneficial for many health issues and are regenerative and detoxing tones. So all the 5 top rife tones helps to improve healing and regenerate cells in a fast way if you listen to it regularly. We made it as a long 1 hour video because many of our viewers prefer long videos.

Also note that this is only an alternate therapy which can be used with your primary treatment method. Please don’t depend only on this because alternate therapies take time to heal and recover. So if you have any major health concerns first consult a doctor and this can be used in addition with that. Also remember to drink enough water while listening to frequencies otherwise chances of getting dehydrated is high.

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