Rife Dental Infection Cure : 49 Tones with Earth’s 7.83Hz & 0.1Hz Deep Delta

Dental infection is a very common disease affecting millions of people world wide. Every person at least once in his life would face dental problems because it is such a very common issue. It is easy for bacteria and other pathogens to gets accumulated in the mouth because it has constant contact with air, food and water. Poor hygiene and eating too much sugary products are the main reasons for germs to get accumulated in the gum area.

Brushing the tooth two times a day is recommended by experts and dentists to avoid such accumulation of germs in this area. If that happens then cavity will develop that will lead to many dental issues. Not only in the tooth and gums such overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth can create many other issues too. These germs can enter in to our stomach or other digestive organs along with food or water. Also chances of this can enter to respiratory organs like lungs, sinus etc while breathing. So it is very important to keep tooth and gum area clean.

Some home remedies like garlic, ginger, cloves etc can get some quick relief when you have a toothache but not always. When you have toothache keep a crushed garlic clove for few minutes in that area. Garlic is a natural infection healer. If you are suffering from gum disease or toothache first try some home remedies like this. Frequency healing also you can try as a first remedy. But if the pain or irritation continue for more than 1-2 days or aggravate then consult a doctor. Frequency healing also not a replacement for general treatment. So if you have serious symptoms follow main treatment and this can be used in addition.

In this video 49 Rife Healing frequencies for dental problems are included. These tones are modulated at extremely low frequency 0.1Hz which comes below the delta brainwave range or we can call it deep delta. Normally brain goes to these ranges only during deep sleep. So brain will get a sleep like mood while listening to this video for few minutes which is very relaxing and healing as most of the healing happen in our body during sleep or when brain is at delta range because then only body gets enough time to concentrate on healing. body cannot do multiple things together with same efficiency. So when we are active too much healing and other such activities will happen only at a reduced rate. So if you have any health issues it is very important to take rest. Additionally this video is modulated to 7.83Hz too which is called Schumann resonance or earth’s frequency. That is also very beneficial one.

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