Top Money Affirmations & Visualization : Instant Money Attracting Technique

To attract money the most important thing is our mindset about money. Be it money, wealth, luxury or any physical thing whatever we want already exists. We only have to attract it to our life. Problem is we don’t believe it. From childhood we have been conditioned in a negative way about money and wealth. We feel and think that we don’t deserve it or we cannot earn in a big way. That beliefs are the only limitations. We are in a self made jail and asking for help. We only have to break the jail made by our own thoughts and come out from it.

All those people who made big money in the world today and in the past followed these rules. We think that hard work is directly related to wealth and money but in reality it doesn’t have many relation. Our mindset is the most important thing when it comes to money and prosperity. We should have a very positive outlook about it. Money flows only when we welcome it with gratitude and a positive way.

Our beliefs about money was etched in to our subconscious during our childhood period. Those thinking and beliefs we mostly received from our parents, teachers and friends. It is not easy to change those entries in our subconscious because it was not formed in 1 or 2 days but many years. So you need to work hard to change those impressions thought some tools like affirmations or generally called subconscious mind re-programming.

Affirmations are the the best way to re-program the subconscious. There are many types of affirmations like visual, audio, subliminal, writing etc. In this video some audio affirmations included with money visualizations – dollar falling. Listen to this video at least once every day for few weeks and see any changes happening in your overall outlook about money and wealth. Once it changed you will get new money making ideas or you will concentrate more on making more money in your current work. Possibilities are endless in this vast word only you have to concentrate on the exact thing to get more money and wealth.

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