Parasite Cleanse with Rife Tones @ Earth’s 7.83Hz & Deep Delta 0.1Hz + Noise

This is a beautiful mix of both binaural tones and isochronic tones. Brainwaves can be created in many ways and isochronic and binaural are two ways. Our brains operates in many frequencies like delta, theta, alpha, beta etc. Normally this happens automatically like when we are at deep sleep brain will be at delta which is below 4Hz and when we wake up it moves from delta to theta to alpha and we are fully awake it will reach beta which is above 13Hz. When we are fully active it may reach gamma levels too which is more than 32Hz. Similarly when we go to sleep at night again it will come down to delta.

We can also take brain to these ranges forcefully by inducing same frequencies from outside and that is called brainwave meditation or entrainment. It is s a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state or frequency by using a sound, light, or electromagnetic field. In this video we used 0.1Hz which comes in deep delta range. So when you listen to this for few minutes it will take your brain to a sleep like mode which is very relaxing and meditative. Healing and other such activities will be at peak during delta as body get enough free time to do such activities. Immune system will work at its peak level.

All Dr Royal Rife Parasite Cleanse frequencies are included in this video and modulated to Earth’s 7.83Hz which is also called Schumann Resonance. There are many such extremely low frequencies emanating from earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum and 7.83Hz is the prominent one. Brownian noise also added for a pleasing effect. All these tones bring a very relaxing and healing effect. If you suspect parasite overgrowth in your body listen to it at least once per day. Please note that this is not a replacement for any general treatment. This can be used in addition to your primary treatment.

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