Dr Royal Rife Yeast Infection Cure Frequencies @ Earth’s 7.83Hz & 0.1Hz

This video contains all yeast infection frequencies from Dr Royal Rife list. It is modulated with Earth’s Schumman resonance 7.83Hz with deep delta tone 0.1Hz. Frequencies used in this video are 72, 254, 375, 414, 422, 465, 522, 582, 706, 771, 778, 787, 788, 861, 863, 864, 865, 866, 871, 873, 876, 878, 906, 908, 974, 980, 982, 984, 986, 987, 1016, 1134, 2222. It is mix of general yeast tones and yeast cervical tones. Also check out our similar videos in our YouTube channel for candida, parasites, fungus mod etc.

Schumann resonances are extremely low frequency spikes from earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Even though there are many such vibrations 7.83Hz is the prominent one. We also have a video with full set of earth frequencies in another video. 0.1Hz is another tone used in this video which comes below the normal delta brainwave range. Delta tones are highly beneficial for healing and regeneration as it induces a sleep like mode in the brain. Healing and detox activities will be accelerated during this period as body get more time to heal and recover from its issues.

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