Happiness Frequency : Release Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin with 10Hz @ 432Hz & 528Hz

Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are popularly known as happy hormones which helps to generate positive feelings like pleasure, joy or happiness. These hormones decides our mood and overall mental status. Dopamine is known as feel good hormone that drive brains reward system. When you are praised by somebody or when you get an appreciation dopamine will get released.

Serotonin is another happy hormone which not only controls mood but digestion, appetite, sleep patterns etc. Oxytocin is called low hormone and is mostly connected with relationships and generally get released with love and physical pleasures. Endorphins are body’s natural pain reliever. When there is a stress or discomfort in the body more endorphins will be released to tackle the situation.

Generally all these happy hormones get released when necessary but in our modern life due to change in our habits and over stressed life our body’s ability to release these hormones becomes greatly affected. For eg. happy hormones get released when there is large amount of physical activity. But due to our today’s sedentary life and poor eating habits affects many of such body’s natural functions.

10Hz is associated with happy hormones. When we listen to it for some time happy hormones will be released. In this video 10Hz is used as the primary frequency with a relaxing music made with 2 popular tones – 528Hz and 432Hz. These two are very famous among frequency lovers. 528Hz is popular for its DNA repair feature and 432 is known as cosmic frequency or tone of the universe. So when you listen to this you will get multiple benefits.

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