Dr Royal Rife Depression Frequencies Fast Mix @ 3.5Hz Delta | Depression Relief

Depression is a very common issue affecting majority of population and in today’s modern world it is a major concern even in developed nations as well as other countries. It is basically a mood disorder which can affect a person’s day to day activities. It is very common mental disorder affecting millions of people worldwide. There are many good medications to treat depression now and also counseling and other such methods also helps to recover from it. As per some reports around 265 million people are affected by depression worldwide.

Mental health is very important factor in our life but we don’t give enough attention to it. Many people give special care for physical health and fitness but ignore the importance of mental health. Stress also a main reason for mental issues. In today’s modern world stress is an integral part of our life. Be it in work place or home everyday we have to face so many negative and challenging issues. If we don’t take enough care that will put us in a stressed situation which in turn affects our overall mental status.

Meditation, Yoga and breathing exercises can also help to regain control our mind and overall mood. Over thinking is one of the main reason for anxiety, stress, nervousness, depression etc. With the advent of social media and internet information are overflowing and our mind and brain cannot handle such a huge amounts of data. We are constantly bombarding our brains with large amounts of data. No other generations in the past faced such an embarrassing situation. This also cause much strain to our neurological systems.

Another thing is most of these data comes in the negative territory and that puts more strain to our mind and brain. Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between good and bad. It writes whatever comes to it to our memory because all logical thinking happens only in the conscious mind level. When there is an influx of data many of it will bypass the conscious and enter the subconscious. One it is written to subconscious it will become part of us. That will decide our attitude, behavior, belief etc. So it is better to restrict social media, visual media and such things which constantly feeding negative things to our brain.

These Depression frequencies from Rife help to reduce symptoms and get some relief. But please note that this is not a replacement for any general treatment. If you have any serious symptoms first consult a doctor and follow his advice. This video can be used in addition to speed up the recovery.

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