Rife Insomnia Cure Frequencies @ 0.1Hz : Sleep Disorder Relief : Sleep Frequency

Insomnia is a common problem affecting millions of people worldwide. It is a sleep disorder in which the affected person has problem falling and staying asleep. There are many reasons for insomnia like depression, side effects of some medications, lack of physical activity, anxiety, poor sleeping habits etc. It can vary from 1 night to 2-3 weeks depends on the intensity. It can be called acute when it becomes more than 3 days. It is classified in to 3 types generally – acute, chronic and transient. Stress is also a reason for insomnia.

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This video contains Dr Royal Rife Insomnia frequencies which helps to get relief from insomnia problems. Tunes are modulated to 0.1Hz which comes below delta brain wave range or some times called as deep delta. Normally .5Hz to 4Hz are called delta brainwaves and some times below 0.5 also called delta. During this range brain will become almost in the sleep like mode. Body and mind will be fully in rest and healing and such activities will be accelerated during this stage. So tuning to 0.1Hz greatly enhance the effects of the Insomnia Rife Frequencies.

Frequency healing is not a legalized medical treatment method in many countries. Also there is not enough scientific evidence for it efficiency. So please use this only in addition to your primary treatment. If you have any serious symptoms please consult a doctor first. You can use this video in addition to that treatment to speed up the recovery.

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