Rife Cure All 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz & 10000Hz Theta to Delta Sweep

Rife Cure All Tones

This is a very beautiful mix of all Rife Cure all tones – 20Hz, 727Hz, 787Hz, 800Hz, 880Hz, 5000Hz & 10000Hz. Even though there are 1000s of frequencies in the rife spectrum some tones have special significance and believed to be beneficial for 100s of diseases. These tones are called Cure All tones. Even if you don’t have any health issues you can listen to these tones once in a while which will help to improve overall health.

Frequency Healing Videos

Apart from these cure all tones there are many preventive measure sets like immune system tonic, kidney tonic, detox and lymphs and other infection healing tones for parasites, candida, fungus, yeast, mold etc. Please check our frequency healing youtube channel for more such videos.

Theta and Delta Brainwaves

In this video Rife Cure All frequencies are mixed in a special way to make a very pleasant music for ears. Normally when these are in pure mode it is not very pleasant to hear. First mixed in a fast mode to get quick benefits from all tones and then modulated in theta and delta brainwave modes from 7Hz to 2Hz. This takes brain to a very relaxed state. At these ranges parasympathetic nervous system will be activated and body’s healing will be accelerated and immune system will work at its peak level.

Subconscious Mind Re-porgramming with Affirmations

Also conscious mind will become drowsy and subconscious mind will be more accessible at theta and delta brainwave periods. So you can use it to re-program your subconsciousness mind too using some affirmation videos or mp3s. There are many such affirmation videos available in YouTube and such video or audio sharing sites like voice affirmations and subliminal affirmations. Subliminal affirmations are said to be more powerful but I recommend voice affirmations because we don’t know what affirmations they use in subliminal audio and video. Use subliminal affirmations only from a very trusted source.


Watch this video or listen to these tones once in a while for general your general well being and overall health. But please don’t consider this as a replacement for any general treatment. This can be used in addition to primary treatment if you have any serious health issues.

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