Dr Royal Rife Immune System Stimulation Frequencies Mix : Immunity Booster Sound Therapy

Immune system is one of the most important thing in our body which helps us to prevent and fight against bacteria, viruses and other such pathogens. Without such a sophisticated mechanism we don’t even survive for few days. But we don’t give much importance to such a protecting mechanism which works day and night continuously to safeguard us. We eat all unwanted, hard to digest and unhealthy junk foods which overload the body and it leads to a non-efficient healing system. Body cannot do multiple things at a time. So when it is loaded with too much food it has to concentrate on digestion all the time. Similarly stress also a main thing affecting immune system performance.

Body cannot differentiate an external threat and a created threat or problem like stress, tension, anxiety etc. So when we are in stress body gives first priority to come out from that. So it has to compromise in many things while doing that like digestion, immune system performance, saliva creation etc. In modern life we are in a stressed situation almost all the time and which leads to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems etc.

So to improve immune system performance first thing is to clear your mind. Cool down first. Life is very simple. We are complicating it. Do some meditation an breathing exercise daily. Spend time with nature. Relax. Understand the fact that most important thing is health and peaceful life. Money, wealth, position, power etc are only accessories. Don’t spoil the main thing by giving too much importance to accessories. Also take care of your food. Try to take easily digesting foods and avoid over eating.

This video contains Rife frequencies to improve immune system performance. Please note that this is not a replacement for any medical treatment. So first consult a doctor if you have any serious health issues. This can be used in addition to your mainstream treatment.

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