Top Rife Low End Tones : 72Hz, 95Hz, 125Hz, 20Hz : Candida, Parasites, Fungus Healing

This video is a mix of all top low end Rife tones – which comes in the lower end of the audio spectrum. These tones are very effective and can cure 100s of diseases. Rife 20Hz tops the list – it can cure 225 diseases as per the consolidated annotated frequency list or CAFL – which is available in the public domain and you can find it in many rife or frequency healing related websites. Second one in the list is 95Hz and is capable of curing 81 diseases. 125Hz and 72Hz can cure 70 different diseases each.

So when we mix up all these popular tones it can cure wide variety of diseases and issues like fungus, parasites, back pain, candida, infections, headache, cold, toothache and dental infections, allergy, abdominal pain etc. Please refer the CAFL for full list.

I included only the lower end tones in this video because these are very pleasant to hear too. But please note that majority of the mobile speakers won’t reproduce these low end tones or normally we call as bass frequencies. So please use good quality speakers or headphones.

Also as I mention always please don’t think that this is a replacement for any illness. If you have any disturbing health issues please consult a registered practitioner first. While following his instructions you can use this in addition to speed up the recovery. Some diseases like viral infections need immediate medical attention. Alternate therapies work only slowly most of the time. So it is important to take necessary medical consultation in such cases.

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