Visualization : Key Thing in the Law of Attraction : Visualize the Life you Want to Manifest

Visualization is the key thing in the law of attraction process. It is a very important thing most people don’t practice. Just wishing or dreaming for a good life alone will not help. You need to have a clear idea of what you want in life or what changes you want to happen in your life and then visualize it fully – bit by bit. Your goals should be crystal clear and perfect. A vague idea will not work. Also you should have 100% belief. If you doubt the law of attraction then it will not work. With 100% dedication and belief practice it daily. Then 100% it will work. In social media and video sharing sites like YouTube you can find 100s of LOA success stories.

If you are wishing for a new house then you should have a clear mental image of every possible thing connected to that house like its location, size, interiors, exteriors, rooms and so on. Then visualize you and your family living there, playing there, enjoying there etc. Also visualize every possible event connected with that house like paying the check or money, getting its keys from the agent/broker, your first entry to the house, celebrating life events there etc. So in short mentally you should live there. Then gradually it will manifest. If your visualization and feelings are so strong then the Universe has no other choice. It has to manifest.

Also please note that it will not happen overnight. It may take months. It is like a germination process. Nature has its own way. You have to wait. If you sow positive thoughts and feelings slowly it will germinate. But don’t expect it to happen next day or next week. You keep on dreaming, wishing and visualizing things you want and focus all your energy to that. Also it is better to visualize one or two things at a time because if you dream or wish for too many things you will lose your focus and get distracted and cannot concentrate on any of them.

Law of attraction will work – that is 100% sure. If it is not working then you are making some mistakes like doubting it or not visualizing it fully or not very consistent etc. When you are practicing LOA you should be punctual too and 100% serious about it. Doing it once in a week or once in a month will not help. You need to practice it daily without any gaps. Also don’t allow negative thoughts to come into your mind about LOA. If you dream about something everyday for 10 minutes and rest of the day think negatively about it then definitely it will not work. So try to convince your mind that it will work. Watch or read Law of attraction success stories and convince yourself and your conscious mind that many people already succeeded in it. If you are fully dedicated and consistent in the Law of Attraction process then it will work for you. That is 100% Sure. All the Best.

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