Rife Cure All 787 Hz | Sacred Number Golden Ratio Phi 1.618 Hz | 0.1Hz to 0.03 Hz | Delta Meditation

This video is a beautiful mix of Rife with Phi with some ultra low frequencies. Rife Cure All 787 Hz is one of the most popular Dr Royal Rife tones which is believed to be a cure for many diseases. Please refer the Rife CAFL for more details as I cannot list all diseases here. Even if you don’t have any health issues you can listen to it as it is rejuvenating are regenerating too. There are many popular sacred number and Golden Ratio Phi is one of them. Its value is approximately 1.61803399 and it is represented by the Greek letter Phi.

There are many other names too like Golden Number, Golden Proportion, Divine Proportion and Divine Section,Golden Section, Golden Mean and is applicable in every many field apart from mathematics like art, architecture, design, financial markets, space etc. It is a very old concept and known since the time of the ancient Greeks. In this video phi and 787 mixed with 6 ultra low frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 0.03Hz for a soothing and relaxing effect.

This video is in the binaural brainwave mode. As different frequencies come from left and right side it is mandatory to use a headphone for maximum benefits. Also phi comes in the delta brainwave range so it is very relaxing and deep healing. So it is better to listen to this when you are sitting idle as you may feel sleepy in few minutes. So don’t listen to this when you need to be awake or alert like operating some machinery or driving a vehicle. You can also club with some affirmation audio or video with this for extra benefits as your subconscious mind will be more accessible during this period.

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