Mind is a Beautiful Servant but a Dangerous Master : Awaken the Self to Regain Control

As the popular quote says Mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master. This is the exact problem most of us face in today’s life. Most of us left full control to our mind and that is creating all chaos and unhappiness in life. Just like any other organ, mind is also supposed to be used only whenever required. But we use it all the time and this overthinking creates all the issues and problems in our life. We move our hands or legs only when we want to pick up something or want to move from one place to another. Suppose our hands or legs are out of control and moving 24 hours a day without any control ! How difficult it will be ! Same thing is happening with our minds too.

Mind supposed to be a servant and obey the heart’s order. But the heart is silent and not bothered about it. Not the physical heart. Our soul or spirit center where our consciousness or awareness is centered. Normally it is denoted by ‘I’ or ‘I am’. He is taking rest there and we need to awake the self to attain self realization. That is the real goal of every human being. One the self is awakened it will take control and the mind will slowly subside and lose its importance. Mind is always afraid about it and will not allow us to follow this spiritual and divine path. 

Thoughts, perceptions, sensations, imaginations, ideas, beliefs, habits etc are the clouds in the sky of consciousness. When we are filled with these clouds, consciousness or awareness cannot lighten up inside us. You need to clear it up then only the inside power will flourish. Ultimate happiness and peace is sitting inside. We are begging for happiness outside when a mountain of it is sitting inside. Once you start tasting it then you will never be looking for it anywhere outside. Inside happiness is permanent and complete but outside happiness is temporary. 

So the first thing to the divine path is to calm down your mind. Overthinking is the root cause of all our problems. Silence and stillness of mind can create wonders. Enjoy the beauty of silence. It is far above that words and actions. Problem is you are too much identified with your mind and you think that is you. But actually not. Mind is an accumulation of data from outside which you don’t have any control over. Every moment senses are bringing data and the subconscious mind is keep on recording it. Everything from your perceptions to habits to attitude depends on this data. But there is no guarantee that this data is true or accurate. 

So don’t rely fully on your mind. Instead follow your heart and intuition. Don’t allow your mind to decide everything because it operates from a limited or finite amount of outdated or mostly false data. But our consciousness is infinite and it knows everything. When you start accepting and following divine guidance your life will become wonderful. When you are aligned with your creator or source your life will flourish. You are not a simple separate entity as you think and feel. You are connected to a vast field of infinite intelligence and that is driving you and powering you all the time. When you accept this fact and follow it everything will change for the better. God Bless.

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