Sacred Number 108 Hz + Golden Ratio Phi 1.618Hz | 0.1Hz to 0.03Hz Deep Healing Meditation

This is a mix of two very popular sacred numbers – 108 and phi. Number 108 is believed to be a unique and sacred from very ancient period. Many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism give much importance to 108. Golden ratio or Phi 1.618 also a very important number and you can find this ration in everywhere in nature. This is a mix of these two numbers in a very slow rate – from 0.1Hz to 0.03Hz for a very soothing and relaxing meditation.

Since Phi comes in the delta brainwave range this will take your brain to delta mode. It is very relaxing and healing gets accelerated at this range. Since it is in the binaural mode headphones are necessary to get the maximum benefits. In binaural mode different frequencies come from left and right side. So without headphones you will not get the real effect.

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