Top 6 Rife Healing Tones : 880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz, 20Hz, 1550Hz & 10000Hz : Deep Healing Video

There are many Rife healing frequencies in the Rife documents like CAFL but few of them are very popular and are believed to be a cure for more than 200 different diseases. This video is a mix of all top 6 Rife healing tones – 880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz, 20Hz, 1550Hz, 10000Hz. Please refer the CAFl for full details as I cannot list all those diseases long list here.

You can listen to this video regularly even if you don’t have any visible diseases. All these tone are believed to have many health benefits so even if you have any unknown issues it will help. Also please note that this is not a replacement for any medical treatment. If you have any serious medical condition please consult a registered medical practitioner first. This can be used in addition to your primary treatment.

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