Being Grateful : Gratitude is the Most Important Part of Law Of Attraction

Normally we don’t give much importance to what we have and keep on dreaming and expecting more and more good things to happen in our lives. Not only in law of attraction practices but in our day to day life also we should be very grateful. It is sad to say that we are one of the most ungrateful generations the earth has ever seen. In the past few decades, we did so many bad things to our mother earth. Water contamination, deforestation, air pollution and so on. Universe has given us enough facilities to live a peaceful life here but we keep on destroying the  planet and its resources. We  think that we are superior to every other creature on this planet but actually in the eye of the creator we all are the same.

If you are giving lots of help and gifts to somebody and if he/she is so ungrateful how would you feel ? Same thing we are also doing to the Universe or our creator. This life itself is a great gift from God or the Universe. Infinite intelligence is working hard to maintain this body by doing thousands of processes every second. He also keeps on working to maintain proper temperature on this planet, fresh air and water circulation, ozone layer to stop harmful radiations, asteroid belt reduce asteroids coming near to earth etc. But we are not even aware of it or not giving any attention to such things and asking for more ! If you were in his position how would you feel ?

So before wishing or dreaming for more  things first we have to be grateful for all the good things in our life and all the things we have. In vedic culture there are many such mantras to recite just after waking up and before going to bed. First thing you have to do just after waking up is to thank the ultimate power for giving another day. Thousands of people die every day. So if you are alive today that itself is a great gift from god. Similarly before sleep thank him and apologize for any unintentional mistakes you made. Like this, develop a culture of gratitude and thankfulness. That is very important for the law of attraction too.

When you start feeling grateful for what you have then he also will be interested in giving you more and more. Always remember him with great love, gratitude and appreciation. He also will shower you love and compassion and give more and more things you wished for. Being grateful is an art. Learn it by practice. Not only to god or universe you can practice the same thing with all other people who have helped you in your life, all good things happened in your life, all the people worked for you. Like before eating food, thank all the people who have worked behind the scenes from farmers to the person who brought the grocery to your house to the person who cooked the food. Develop that habit and that will improve and change your life for the better.

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