Money Frequencies : Jupiter 183.58Hz + Miracle Tone 432Hz & Root Chakra 8Hz : Wealth & Abundance

For centuries people used many methods to attract abundance, wealth and money. As per law of attraction whatever we want is already exists and we only need to attract that thing to us, be it a luxury house or costly car or a luxury item. If we dream about it and wish with intense feelings it should manifest. That is what Law of attraction principles says and many people succeeded in achieving things like that. You can find 100s of such videos in YouTube and such sites. In ancient cultures also they used sound or music to attract abundance to their life using bells, chimes or such sound producing things. Now we have more advanced technologies and we can create specific frequencies associated with money and wealth using modern electronic instruments. This video is a mix of such money frequencies.

Jupiter Spin Frequency 183.58 Hz

From ancient period planet Jupiter has been associated with luck and prosperity and in Indian astrology also Jupiter considered to be a sacred planet which can bring more money and wealth. As per astrology our money and wealth mainly depends on the position of the Jupiter in our horoscope chart. There are two frequencies associate with Jupiter – 183.58Hz and 473.9Hz. In this video i included the first one. As per the common belief if you listen to this Jupiter spinning frequency your wealth and money will increase.

Miracle Tone 432 Hz

This is most controversial and popular frequency which is believed to be a sacred tone and can bring many positive to life if you listen regularly. It can create positive vibrations and remove negative energy from home, believed to heal and energize body, dna and soul, manifest miracles and some people are associate it with law of attraction too. It is also said to be the frequency of the universe or cosmic frequency. People reported many positive effects after listening to it regularly.

Root Chakra Frequency 8 Hz

In our chakra system, root chakra is always associated with wealth and prosperity. Root chakra or Muladhara is the first chakra in the 7 chakra system and is located at the base of the spine. Its seed mantra is LAM and color is Red. It represents safety, security, survival, grounding etc. When it is not balanced financial problems, depression, anxiety, insecurity feeling etc can occur. There are many frequencies associated with root chakra and 8Hz is one in the lower end and which is also come in the Alpha brainwave range.

Alpha Brain Wave Isochronic Meditation

Since the root chakra frequency come in the alpha range this can be used for relaxation and meditation which will take brain to the alpha frequency of 8Hz. This is mixed in isochronic mode so headphones are not compulsory. Alpha frequency will relax your brain. So you can also listen to some affirmations also with this.

While listening to this audio, dream and visualize about large amounts of money coming to you. Listen to this at least once in a day for few weeks and see any changes happening in your financial status.

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