Visualization : Most important port of of Law of Attraction : How to Get Guidance from the Universe

Visualization is the most important part of Law of Attraction and without that LOA will not work. You need to have a clear idea what you want and your full concentration on it to achieve it at the earliest. Just dreaming of money or wealth coming to you will not work. A vague idea is not enough. You need to have a clear goal. You need to visualize exactly what you expect, where you want to be in the next few months, in the next few years, what changes you want in your life etc. Universe will not give you money on your doorsteps if you just ask for money. You need to virtually live in the world which you want to live in.

For eg if you are aiming for a luxury house and luxury car then visualize every possible events which can occur like going to purchase the car and house, paying the money, getting the key of the house, you and your family shifting to that house, you all are enjoying there, playing there, walking there, living inside that house, roaming around in that new luxury car etc. Virtually you live in that. Visualize every possible moment – even simple things. Then only the crave for that item will etch strongly in your subconscious mind. One it is hard coded in the subconscious mind slowly it will manifest itself.

Also do remember that it will not happen in one or two days or weeks. It is like sowing seeds in a land. It needs some time to germinate. So don’t lose hope even if it doesn’t happen in your expected time. Keep the faith in it and keep dreaming and visualizing. Universe will never disappoint you. Keep that faith. 

Also while visualizing don’t sit idle thinking that the universe will give you all the money and wealth you want. Keep working hard too. Universe will not simply shower bundles of money. You need to do your part too. Normally even if we work very hard the result may not be the way expected or the result may be too little compared to the work we do. So when we do the visualization or law of attraction techniques with the hard work Universe will correct the Luck Factor missing. Also the Universe will guide you what to do next, where to from here etc, if you listen carefully.

Normally we depend on our intelligence to make a decision especially when it comes to business related things. But our intelligence works on the limited and inaccurate information we have in our memory. These data collected from our childhood are very limited and mostly outdated. When we take a decision based on this finite data chances of error is very high. But if we rely upon the infinite intelligence which has infinite amounts of information it will be more accurate and perfect. But you need to practice how to listen to the universe and get his guidance. Many scientists say they received answers to many complex questions while in sleep or just after wake up. So our subconscious mind has answers to all questions and problems. We only simply have to observe. 

Once you surrender your ego and start depending on the much much higher intelligence everything will become in sync. Science made a mistake – it  taught us to believe only what we see and that forced us to believe our own intelligence for everything. But there is an infinite intelligence available with which we can get connected any time and can get all the information and answers we want. So forget what science says and believe in it. Then miracles will happen.

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