Our Body and Mind was Created from Consciousness | If You Believe this Your Life Will Change!

Normally we believe that the body was created first, then the mind and brain was developed in it. Many people don’t even believe in any power sitting inside and managing everything. Science tells us that the brain is controlling every process happening inside the body. In general, mostly everybody believes that the body was the first thing that appeared.

But as per vedanta, both this mind and body are only a reflection of the real energy – consciousness which is controlling even this vast universe. There is only one infinite intelligence or consciousness. Everybody is just a projection of consciousness – coming and going. But consciousness is pervasive, endless, limitless and boundless. There is no beginning and end. No start and stop. No coming and going. Always present. But we human beings and all creatures on this planet, trees and plants, even plants and stars, black holes are just a projection of this ultimate energy. 

That means we all are connected. We don’t have a separate identity as we believe. If you believe and trust this your life will change forever. When everybody is just a projection of the same energy how can we hate somebody ? All such negative emotions will disappear from you like hatred, jealousy, anger etc. All such emotions exist because of our belief that we all are separate. As soon as you realize that there is not a second thing in this universe your ego will collapse. Your false identity will collapse. You will be dissolved in the vast ocean of ultimate happiness.

Most of the problems in our life and unhappiness happens because of our belief that we all are separate. We are more mind oriented and we believe that mind is everything. But actually mind and intellect are working based on the finite data we collect from outside. When we measure anything with finite things the result also will be finite. So go with the infinite. There is an infinite source of energy and power available to us always and we simply don’t believe in it. People who have realized and utilized it became successful and peaceful.

Also our finite mind and intellect has limited possibilities and limited data. Our subconscious mind is keep on recording whatever information comes to its way whether it is good or bad or false. Our mind and intellect are purely based on these data and we trust this for making decisions and this data decides our beliefs. That is why we make so many mistakes and errors while making decisions. The data we use are mostly inaccurate or false or out of date. So connect with your source which has unlimited power and energy, which knows everything.

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