How to Attract More Money ? Just Change the Way You Think! Miracles Will Happen!

Is attracting money an easy job ? Will it work ? Can I attract more money with the law of attraction ? Lots of my readers ask this question. The answer is very simple. Definitely it will work. You can find thousands of examples on the web in forums and comments pages. Only thing is you need to believe it and keep on trying. It may not happen in 1 or 2 days but slowly it will work. Also you need to continue to explore. Just dreaming about more money and sitting idle at home will not work. As the famous proverb says God will give only 50% and you have to do the rest. 

It is not that the Universe will fill your house with billions next day. It is like sowing seeds in a garden. It takes some time. Meantime you keep on working and try to find out more arenas to make money. Universe will help you to become successful whatever field you choose or whatever method you select. Universe will not tell you to do this or that or will force you. It will give signals and tips. You need to closely observe and follow it.

So for that first you need to change your mindset. We are too much dependent on our finite mind and intellect. We believe that its decision is perfect and most efficient. But remember that our mind and intellect operate based on the finite data we have accumulated from our childhood stored in our memory. There is no guarantee that it is correct or up to date. We make decisions based on these inaccurate data. So the result will also be like that. We will not get a perfect result with finite and inaccurate information.

At the same time a greater intelligence is available to us and we simply don’t even think about that or we don’t believe in that. Universe is always there to help you but you don’t listen. We trust more in our limited data and intelligence when there is an infinite amount of intelligence and data available. As soon as you realize this truth your life starts changing. Don’t stick to a finite thing when there is infinite thing available. When you stick to a finite thing, the result also will be finite. So be with the infinite.

Problem is science taught us not to believe anything outside science’s knowledge. Science itself is not able to define many mysteries of the universe. The real problem is science itself is trying to understand infinite things with finite objects like mind and other scientific instruments. You will not be able to understand or perceive an infinite object with a finite subject. So forget about what science says and believe in the much much higher intelligence which is available all the time. You just need to believe in it, observe it closely and follow it to achieve bigger things in life.

Thoughts are the main obstacles for our success. Mind is always holds us back from trying new things and exploring new opportunities. Mind is working from finite data and is always afraid of failures. So practice meditation or such things and reduce your thoughts. I have covered many articles about mind management. That is the primary thing to do. You have unlimited power and possibilities lying inside but your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are hiding them. You need to remove or stop such limiting thoughts and beliefs to achieve more success and wealth in your life.

So stop overthinking, reduce thoughts, change your beliefs and perceptions then slowly things will change. Now you are wearing a mask of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Remove that slowly. Your true nature is inside which is of unlimited possibilities, power and energy. Awake. Be aware about your true nature. Your true essence. All these years you have been searching for treasure outside but the real treasure was sitting inside. Realize this truth, then your life will be changed forever!

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