Top 4 Most Important Rife Tunes : 880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz & 20Hz Mixed @ 6Hz : Deep Healing Theta Meditation

In this video 4 most important 4 Rife Frequencies – 880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz & 20Hz are mixed at a theta frequency of 6Hz. It duel effect of both Rife healing and Theta Meditation. All the above mentioned rife frequencies have so many health benefits.

880Hz is the most important in the Rife set which is believed to be a cure for 300+ diseases like allergy, asthma, back pain, fever, cold etc and regeneration capabilities and boost system functions etc.

787Hz is also believed to be beneficial for 280+ diseases as per the Dr Royal Rife documents like Abscesses, ear problems, dental infection, bacterial infections, headaches etc.

As per the Rife documentation 727Hz can cure 270+ diseases like burns, deafness, arthritis, kidney stones, pancreatic insufficiency etc.

20Hz also a very important frequency in the Rife spectrum which can cure 200+ diseases as per the Rife docs like eye disorders, gingivitis, candida infection, tinnitus, kidney insufficiency, Furunkulosis, fissures etc.

As I cannot list all the benefits please refer this website page for full details – Consolidated Annotated Frequency List or CAFL : You can also find so many such pages which list full diseases a and Rife frequency numbers corresponding to that disease. Now not only the Rife set there are many other healing frequency sets also like Hulda Clark frequencies.

These 4 top Rife tunes again mixed with 6Hz brainwave theta tone so while listening to this video you will get benefits of theta frequency also. After few minutes brain will be tuned to theta mode which is more relaxing and take brain to a meditative mood. Theta tone also good for subconscious mind programming. So you can listen some affirmations also with this to program your subconscious mind while listening this video.

This video is actually modulated in the isochronic way so headphones are not compulsory for the theta effect but there is also a 3D effects in it and to get that effect you need to use a headphone or earphone. So for maximum effect use headphones. Listen to this video at least once in a day for 1-2 weeks and see any changes happening or not. You can listen to this even if you don’t have any illness because all these tones are highly regenerating and relaxing too.

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