Can We Control Our Thoughts ? Hows to Reduce Thoughts and Live a Peaceful Life ?

Our mind and body are the most sophisticated things on the earth – no doubt about that. Both have immense potential and possibilities. But are we using these in the right way ? 80 to 90% of problems in our daily lives are due to overthinking. Normally we keep on worrying about many things in life and later realize that our imagination was much much bigger than the actual problem! Or in some cases the real problem didn’t even exist! 

So overuse of the mind is a major problem nowadays. We are confronted with too much data daily from tv, social media and other mobile apps etc. This also keeps the mind busy throughout the day. But remember every thought drains energy. So when you keep on thinking about unwanted things that is draining your energy too. So by the end of the day you will feel tired. Also our external world is filled with too much negativity and all that affects your mind too. Our subconscious mind keeps on recording whatever comes to it and when too much negativity piled up in your memory that will affect your mood or mindset.

So how to overcome this ? Problem is nowadays we are too much identified with the mind. We think we are the mind. But the mind is just like any other part in our body. It is designed to use only when necessary. But we are using it whenever we are awake. That is the problem. Just imagine how you will feel if you are continuously moving your hand or legs throughout the day ? You will be tired within 1 or 2 hours. Right ? same case applicable to mind too. When you use it continuously it will drain energy and affect your whole system. 

So to overcome this issue first you need to understand that the mind is supposed to be a servant. Consciousness or soul or Atman supposed to be the master. Since the mind has taken control, the heart is keeping silent -not the physical heart. This is the problem in our current society. When the servant is in control everything will be in chaos. So take back the control from the mind. Use it only when necessary. No point in keep on thinking or worrying about things which are in no way related to your daily life or goal.

Self inquiry is the best way to raise your consciousness or awareness. Aware about the “I am”. As Ramana Maharshi said, keep on asking “Who am I ?”. What is the purpose of my life ? Who is actually powering me ? Where did I come from ? etc Once you are more about the real master who is now sitting idle inside, slowly the mind will lose its grip on you. You are the infinite consciousness. All others are accessories – Thoughts, emotions, feelings, perceptions, sensations. 

Body and mind are not you. They are instruments to survive in the physical world. When you accept this fact fully slowly the mind will lose control. Mind and memory are accumulation of data from your childhood. Most of these data may be outdated or false and you are judging things based on these limited and inaccurate data. So don’t be judgemental. Your knowledge is very limited compared to this vast universe. Even knowledge of mankind is very limited. 

So no point in worrying about the future or for some upcoming things. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow. Even the current corona crisis itself is an example. So live peacefully today with whatever you have now. That is more important than to keep worrying about the past or future. Live in the Present. Mind is always afraid of the present. It will lose its importance when you live in the present moment. Mind is always wants to wander in the past or future. So practice mindfulness. 

So controlling the mind is not an impossible task. For centuries so many people have achieved it. You can also achieve it. But it will not happen overnight, you need constant practice and dedication. Do yoga, pranayama & other breathing exercises, meditation with self inquiry to achieve it. Once you are more self aware and self centered then everything will be in your control. Now we are going whatever mind takes us. It should be in the other way. With constant practice it can be achieved.

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